Which is the best Color for the Porsche targa (+ video)

Wondering about the best color for a Porsche targa? Check the video and what we write about Porsche targa colors below.

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Video: Porsche targa colors

Best color for a Porsche targa

There are so many amazing paint colors for the Porsche Targa. But which one should you get? Here, we’ll discuss four paint color categories and rank them from 16 to 1 based on popularity. These colors are Cognac Brown Metallic, Guards Red, Signal Yellow, and Mahogany Metallic. Here’s why these colors are the best choices for this Porsche model:

Cognac Brown Metallic

Porsche has made this color available on two of its models in the past, the 911 (964) and the 928. Both vehicles were available in this shade, but Cognac Brown is the most popular of the two. Porsche has never offered this color on a Targa, so it is unlikely to appear on the Targa in this color. However, Porsche has returned to brown in 2006, when it added a new shade, Macadamia Metallic. It is an opulent root beer-colored shade and looks especially good in convertibles. Macadamia takes its name from a tree nut native to Hawaii.

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Guards Red

The Guards Red is a classic sports car hue that has a glossy finish. This hue complements other colors well, including silver and black, and is best paired with a subtle yellow. It has a distinctive glossy look, which is reminiscent of the Guards Red on the 911. Unlike other colors on the Porsche Targa, Guards Red is available in many different shades, including a special edition version for the Targa.

Signal Yellow

If you want to buy a new Porsche targa, Signal Yellow is probably the best color to go for. This yellow color is a rich, buttery shade that was introduced in the late 1960s and was one of the first colors offered by the German brand. Although Signal Yellow is a bit less saturated than the original Porsche Racing Yellow, it is still striking and adds value to the vehicle. While Signal Yellow is a common choice for the 911, it was a popular color for the 911 and 912, and even the infamous Cayman.

Mahogany Metallic

There are several Porsche colors available. The most popular are white, black, and silver. But, if you’re looking for a more unique color for your Porsche targa, the color Mahogany Metallic may be the right choice for you. The color has a warm, sensual feel and can go well with any interior color scheme. Porsche also offers the Exclusive Customer Consultation program in various locations.

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Violet Blue Metallic

If you’re a fan of bold colors, Violet Blue Metallic is the best color for your Porsche Targa. This color is so daring that it was once reserved for only the Porsche 911. It looks like a flamingo with a suntan, but it really works on this car. It’s also an unusual shade that evokes the ’80s, when the 911 was introduced in a limited range of colors, including the Porsche 928.

Cayenne in Mahogany Metallic

The Porsche Cayenne can be painted in 12 different colors, including Jet Black Metallic, Moonlight Blue Metallic, Carrara White, Dolomite Silver Metallic, and Mahogany Metallic. The Porsche Cayenne is also available in a unique color called Carmine Red, which is highly distinctive and individualistic. Porsche recommends this color for the Porsche Targa because it pairs well with most interior colors.

Nordic Gold Metallic

The Nordic Gold Metallic paint scheme is a spiritual successor to the classic 911 color gold. It has a darker tone with red undertones, a combination that’s not often associated with Porsche. This is one of the most desirable colors for the Porsche Targa, so make sure to get it while you can. Nordic Gold Metallic is a gorgeous color for this car. It has a warm, sultry tone.

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