Which is the best Color for the Porsche 917 (+ video)

Wondering about the best color for a Porsche 917? Check the video and what we write about Porsche 917 colors below.

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Best color for a Porsche 917

There are many choices when it comes to the livery for a Porsche 917. You can choose a Gulf Oil livery, Pink markings, or white and green. In this article, we will discuss the color schemes that are most likely to be seen on this vehicle. You can also go with a Martini livery. Just make sure that the livery you choose fits the overall theme of the car.

Gulf Oil livery

There is no doubt that the Gulf Oil livery for Porsche 917 is one of the most iconic on any motorsport vehicle. This paint job was made famous by Steve McQueen in his 1971 film Le Mans. It has appeared on countless racing cars, including the Ford GT40 and Porsche 917. But it is the Porsche 917’s Gulf livery that has earned it its place in history. The Gulf Oil livery is just as iconic as the Porsche sports car itself.

The Gulf Oil livery was first introduced when a vice president of the company, Grady Davis, purchased a Ford GT40. Davis also formed a close friendship with the legendary John Wyer, a leading automobile racing engineer. Gulf Oil embraced the sport with its distinctive orange and blue livery. In addition to the Porsche 917, the company sponsored the Martini racing team, which ran at the Le Mans circuit from 1958 to 1973. The company was easily identifiable due to its distinctive dark blue and light blue stripes on a white background.

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Pink markings

The pink markings on the Porsche 911 aren’t new. Porsche’s hippie-inspired 917 was a popular race car in the 1970s. In fact, it was so popular that Porsche ran the car with the name “Pink Pig” painted on it. That’s because the car’s markings were pink to denote meat. In this article, we’ll examine the history behind these pink markings on the 917.

The original car didn’t have any pink markings. However, the car’s popularity led Porsche to reintroduce pink paint to its iconic sports car. In 1971, it collaborated with the SERA aerodynamic studio to develop a new body style called the 917/20. It was entered in preliminary tests with a white body, and later, stylist Anatole Lapin gave it pink markings. He also added red bodywork labels and German words for the different body parts. When Porsche launched the car, Martini refused to put its logo on it.

White and green

The most successful color combinations for the Porsche 917 are white and green. The Porsche 917 was a race-car that won the 1969 Le Mans in white, but was only successful in one of the three races. The Porsche 917 is the most common racing car in the Porsche stable. However, it can also be found in other colors. Here are some examples of colors that look good on this model.

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The Porsche 917 was originally designed in green and white, but later green was added. One of the most iconic examples of this car is the 917-001 that was restored to its original condition to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Another Porsche 917 model has a very unique nickname: the “Pink Pig.” It was designed in 1971 and features pink paint and markings of meat to distinguish it from the other 917 models.

Martini livery

In 1971, Porsche developed three body styles for its Porsche 917, including the streamlined, lightweight, and aerodynamically efficient 917/20. The car was originally entered into preliminary testing with white bodywork, but stylist Anatole Lapin soon added red and pink markings, as well as German words to label the body parts. Martini refused to include their logo on the bodywork. The car went on to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1971, and GPX Racing is now in the GTWC Europe series.

The first Porsche 917s painted with the Martini livery were destined for the 1971 World Sportscar Championship. The black, red, and white stripes were instantly recognizable, and the livery would eventually become one of the most iconic in sports car history. This year, many Martini cars will be on display at the Concours of Elegance, including a 1973 2.8-litre Porsche 911 Carrera RSR prototype, which won the Targa Florio.

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