Which is the best Color for the 914 Porsche (+ video)

Wondering about the best color for a 914 Porsche? Check the video and what we write about 914 Porsche colors below.

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Best color for a 914 Porsche

Having owned two 914’s, I’ve been torn between Scarlet Red and Black. Which color is better? Read this article to find out! This article will also cover the original color and custom colors. Read on for my top picks! Here are some examples of each! Enjoy! Hopefully you’ll find one that fits your personality! Until next time, happy color hunting!

Scarlet Red

If you’re looking for the best Porsche color, then you’ve come to the right place. You can find a 1975 Porsche 914 in the most classic shade of red: scarlet red over black. This retro Porsche is currently for sale on Bring a Trailer, an online auction site. If you’d like to own one of these vintage cars, the current bid is $33,000 USD. You have only five days left to bid on this amazing bargain.

The 914’s paint color was developed in the 1970s, and it was first offered in the 1970s. The color was later replaced by Porsche’s famous “Porsche red” and was used for the 914. The 914’s fender flares were 51 millimeters deep, and they were reinforced by three welded plates on each side. This made the car more stable at high speeds.


The ‘Black is the Best Color for the 914 Porsche’ ad slogan embodies this ethos. This is because black is one of the few colors that really matches the 914’s classic lines. Its wide Fuchs alloy wheels fit its flared arches perfectly. They’re in pristine condition and wear fresh performance rubber. Although its CoA mentions ‘light metal wheels’, the new look is more in line with the original aesthetic. Inside, the 914 is also an expression of originality, retaining the futuristic ’70s aesthetic while showcasing the classic Porsche charm. The ignition is positioned to the left of the steering wheel, while the passenger seat is floor-mounted. The dashboard is bare-bones, keeping the simplicity of the car’s simple design theme.

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If you’re considering a new Porsche, consider the color of the exterior. It looks best in Black, but there are times when other colors will work just as well. Copper Metallic (L99K) was a special-order color. It was originally painted red in the late 1980s, but paint preparation was poor and left it with presumed rust underneath. The photos of the ‘Black’ 914 are a testament to its high quality as a driver. The original Fuchs wheels complete the look.

Original color

A great way to find the original color of your Porsche 914 is to go to the website of the manufacturer. You can download these documents, which contain information about the color of each model. The colors used in the original 914 are similar to the ones that are used in modern Porsches. Some of these colors were available in limited quantities, and you can choose one for yourself. Once you find the color you prefer, you can easily download it.

There are two main types of Porsche 914. The 914 is the base model, which was sold until 1976. In that time period, 60% of the 914s were sold in the United States. This car featured a wide variety of modifications, including modified bumpers and a move of the battery to the front trunk. It also featured GT flares, which helped fit wider tires on the car. GT flares were very popular in the early 1970s in Southern California. The 1970 914/6 had a later 2.2-liter 911T engine, and was fully restored.

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Custom colors

The Porsche 914 was available in several custom paint schemes during its production years. For example, the 1975 model year 914 came in Copper Metallic (L99K), which had rectangular driving lights. The roof panel was optional. This car was completely restored in its original color in 2017. The seller says the paint is in excellent condition and provides detailed images of the vehicle’s exterior and interior. Listed below are some popular custom paint schemes for the 914 Porsche.

The nineteen-year-old 914 went through many changes throughout its seven model years, some cosmetic and others to meet changing crash protection standards. From 1970 to 1972, the 914 was offered with either painted or chrome bumpers. In early 1970, the rear bumper featured straight creases. The front and rear bumpers were reinforced with three welded plates. In 1975, the bumpers were replaced with rubber to improve the stability of the car at high speeds.

Factory colors

While the colors for the Porsche 914 are mostly unchanged, you may notice some differences in some of the factory options. For example, the paint code L13M changed from Saturn Yellow to Chrome Yellow, and paint code L64K went from Zambezi Green to Forest Green. Those aren’t significant changes, but it’s fun to see what each color looked like on a different Porsche. These colors are also available for the 914, and the choices you make will determine how it looks.

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The Porsche 914 is available in three factory colors: Light Ivory, Dark Ivory, and Yellow. If you’re interested in keeping the original colors for your Porsche, you’ll want to buy a paint kit made specifically for the model year. These kits feature German patented technology that will restore your Porsche’s color in just a few simple steps. In addition to repairing paint chips and scratches, these products also protect the car from corrosion and rust. Fortunately, there’s a solution for you – Color N Drive!

Early prototypes

The first nineteen prototype Porsches wore yellow, white, and blue paint schemes. The Can Am car, which debuted in the Paris Salon in 1973, featured negative stripes. A graphic designer was hired by the VW-Porsche marketing company to create an acceptable design scheme. The design was based on the classic 911 Carrera 2.7 RS stripes, but featured a new graphic. The side stripes were mounted horizontally from wheel well to wheel well and displayed the racing series name.

The colors were inspired by the popular 911 color palette. The 2.7-liter Carrera RS featured colors such as Grand Prix White, Viper Green, and Phoenix Red. The nineteen-inch prototype version was painted in Light Ivory, Ireland Green, and Mexico Blue. The nine-inch prototype also featured a distinctive hood and interior. A distinctly different color scheme for the Can Am car was introduced in 1968.

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