Mercedes-AMG C63 Reliability

Mercedes is a pretty reliable car manufacturer and the AMG models are their performance-oriented models. The C63 is a performance model of the third-generation C-class Mercedes cars. The C-Class cars are compact executive vehicles and they have great-looking bodies.


The AMG models always have a pretty fast engine with many other great features in the car. The C63 is powered by a 4.0 L V8 Biturbo engine which produces a massive amount of 503 horsepower. The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds which is great.


The reliability of a car is a pretty important factor before buying any vehicle because it describes the maintenance cost, safety features, and depreciation rate of the car. Mercedes have been around for years and they produce some solid cars, but they are expensive to maintain just like any other luxurious German car brand. The AMG C63 is also a reliable and dependable car with a reliability rating of 4.8 out of 5 by


Safety features also affect the reliability of a car and German cars have a good reputation for their safety features. Mercedes actively performs crash tests on their cars and they have proven to be one of the safest cars. The C63 has been rated by IIHS and NHTSA and they have rated the car with a perfect score.

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Depreciation rate

Buying a German car is always a great investment for the future because they don’t lose their value anytime sooner. Mercedes cars usually depreciate around 45% after 5 years. The AMG C63 depreciates around 46% after 5 years on average which is great.

Maintenance and repairing

Maintenance cost is one of the biggest worries among car owners. Mercedes cars are always pretty solid and they cost average as compared to other German entries. The AMG C63 costs around $426 yearly for all of its maintenance and other repairs depending on the type of repairs.


Is Mercedes-AMG C63 a Front-Wheel-Drive, Rear-Wheel-Drive or All-Wheel-Drive car?    

The Mercedes-AMG C63 is a Rear Wheel Drive car.   

How many seats are in the Mercedes-AMG C63?    

The Mercedes-AMG C63 is a car with 5 seats. The EPA Classification for this car is: Compact Cars    

What is the horsepower in a Mercedes-AMG C63 and does it have a turbo?    

The Mercedes-AMG C63 has 469 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. The engine is a Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-8 with a displacement of 4.0 L The fuel system is: Gasoline Direct Injection.    

How big is the trunk in the Mercedes-AMG C63?    

12.6 Cubic Feet ( 0,357 m3 )   

How much ground clearance does the Mercedes-AMG C63 have?    

3.6 inches ( 9,14 cm )    

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What type of wheels does it have?    

Mercedes-AMG C63 has 18 X 8.5 inch Aluminum Front Wheels and 18 X 9.5 inch Aluminum Rear Wheels.

How long will a C63 last?

A Mercedes-AMG C 63 can last up to 20 Years if you take care of it properly. You want your Mercedes-Benz C63AMGS to last as long as possible. Your Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S could last up to 200,000 miles. 

Is it worth buying a C63 AMG?

These are more refined than previous models, but still pack a punch. They also sound great. The C63 S is worth the money, however it is worth shopping around. Make sure to look for 507s as well as MY17 models. The C63 507 is a magnificent beast, especially in coupe configuration.

Can you daily drive a C63?

Yes, you can daily drive a C63. It is not a sporty car, so you won’t need to worry about driving fast. It’s a comfortable ride, and you’ll have no problem getting into it. You could drive the four-door AMG C63 every day. It’s a comfortable luxury cruiser that is well-mannered in Comfort mode. The C63 S will give you 503 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

What year C63 is the best?

We recommend the 2010 C63 AMG if you’re in the market. It has more options, can still be purchased with a warranty and is available without the need to build a headbolt.

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Is C63 AMG a supercar?

This is the perfect compact V8 supercar for every occasion. The Mercedes-AMG C63 has four body styles, unlike rivals like Audi, BMW, and Alfa Romeo. There are two options: a C63 Coupe with a wide arched roof and a C63 Cabriolet with canvas roof.

How many W204 C63 were made?

Worldwide production reached more than 2.4 million units, with the W204 being the most popular vehicle of the brand at one point. 

Is the 2013 C63 AMG twin turbo?

Yes, the new C63 AMG comes with an upgraded 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This is both more powerful and more efficient. It responds instantly to throttle input, pulls hard all of the ways to redline, makes all right sounds, and it is completely motor-less, with no turbochargers. You will enjoy this serious engine.

Is a C63 a sports car?

The Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63 sports car is a great choice. The car boasts a twin-turbocharged, 4.0-liter V8 motor and high-performance features. It is an excellent example of the AMG brand and is very popular with enthusiasts.

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