Lincoln MKZ Reliability

Lincoln has a good reputation for making reliable durable vehicles. The Lincoln MKZ is another addition to their vehicles fleet. The Lincoln MKZ is a 4-door, 5-passenger mid-size luxury sedan manufactured by the Lincoln. It starts production in 2006 and was discontinued in the mid of 2020.


The 4-door sedan was first known as Lincoln Zephyr and later its name was refreshed and renamed to MKZ under the nomenclature of the ‘MK’ family. In the latest model, a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 engine powers the MKZ. The MKZ has a top speed of 150mph and can accelerate from zero to 60mph in around 6 seconds. It is a very decent luxury sedan with impressive interior quality.


The mid-size luxury sedan offers a smooth comfortable ride. According to RepairPal, the MKZ ranks 20th out of 31 for midsize luxury vehicles. The reliability rating of MKZ is 3.0 out of 5.0, which could’ve been a little better for this class as it has a good price tag associated with its name as well. The MKZ is fine in almost all departments except for the low mileage issue.


According to IIHS, the 2009 MKZ is good in terms of safety and crash testing. It passed the frontal and side-impact crash testing and secured an overall good score. The 2010 model of luxury midsize sedan received a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

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Depreciation Rate

It has been noted that the Lincoln does not hold its value that well over time. In this sense, the Lincoln MKX is similar to the other siblings of the ‘MK’ family. The estimated depreciation rate for the 2018 Lincoln MKX is 52% after five years.

Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance and repair costs of all vehicles are of importance as they determine the total ownership cost of that vehicle.  The cost of maintenance and repairs on a Lincoln MKZ during its first 10 years of use is about $8,378. In the luxury sedan segment, this price is $3,326 lower than the industry average. MKZs have a 24.67% chance of requiring major repairs during that time as well.  


Is Lincoln MKZ a Front-Wheel-Drive, Rear-Wheel-Drive or All-Wheel-Drive car?  

 The Lincoln MKZ is a All Wheel Drive car.    

How many seats are in the Lincoln MKZ?    

The Lincoln MKZ is a car with 5 seats. The EPA Classification for this car is: Midsize Cars    

What is the horsepower in a Lincoln MKZ and does it have a turbo?    

The Lincoln MKZ has 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. The engine is a Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 with a displacement of 2.0 L The fuel system is: Gasoline Direct Injection.    

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How big is the trunk in the Lincoln MKZ?    

15.4 Cubic Feet ( 0,436 m3 )   

What type of wheels does it have?  

Lincoln MKZ has 19 X 8 inch Aluminum Front Wheels and 19 X 8 inch Aluminum Rear Wheels.

Do Lincoln MKZ have problems?

RepairPal gives the Lincoln MKZ a score of 3.0 out 5.0. The MKZ ranks 20th among luxury midsize sedans. The average MKZ owner will spend $831 annually and visit the shop for unscheduled repairs 0.6 times per year.

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