Jaguar XF Sportbrake Reliability

  Sportbrake is a new derivative of Jaguar’s XF model line for 2017. Jaguar originally introduced Sportbrake as a 2012 model on the first-generation XF. Like the original, this wagon should add both curbside appeal and practicality to the XF saloon while fitting even more space into a smaller footprint than the previous model.   


The Jaguar XF sport brake offers a quite good handling than the normal XF model. The engine range comprises a D200 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel that produces 201 horsepower, and a petrol 2.0-liter unit that makes 247 horsepower (P250) or 296 horsepower (P300). Standard is an eight-speed automatic transmission, and there is a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive.


The XF Sportbrake was the most troubled model in the Driver Power poll, with over 30% of owners experiencing problems with their cars. With plenty of model issues, the XF Sportbrake has a low-reliability rating compared to other brands of similar model vehicles. 


The Jaguar XF Sportbrake also has quite a good safety rating just like the original variant of Jaguar XF with a full five-star rating by Euro NCAP rating at the end of 2015. In addition to six airbags, a rear-view camera, Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Monitor, Emergency Braking, and Rear Traffic Monitor, the vehicle also has a Driver Condition Monitor.

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Depreciation Rate

Usually, the depreciation rate and resale value of vehicles from Jaguar Cars are average related to other brands. With three years and 36,000 miles, the XF Sportbrake will retain between 45 and 49 percent of its value, which is similar to the BMW 5 Series Touring, however, just short of the Mercedes E-class Estate. 

Maintenance and Repair

The last factor to influence the reliability of any car of any model is its maintenance and repair costs. The cost of maintaining and repairing a Jaguar XF Sportbrake during the first 10 years of ownership is approximately $12,187. This is significantly higher than the average cost of maintaining and repairing luxury sedans. Furthermore, there is a 35.67% chance that an XF Sportbrake will require major repairs during that time.   


Is Jaguar XF Sportbrake a Front-Wheel-Drive, Rear-Wheel-Drive or All-Wheel-Drive car?    

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is a All Wheel Drive car.    

How many seats are in the Jaguar XF Sportbrake?    

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is a car with 5 seats. The EPA Classification for this car is: Midsize Station Wagons    

What is the horsepower in a Jaguar XF Sportbrake and does it have a turbo?    

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake has 296 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The engine is a Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 with a displacement of 2.0 L The fuel system is: Gasoline Direct Injection.    

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How much ground clearance does the Jaguar XF Sportbrake have?    

4.1 inches ( 10,41 cm )    

What type of wheels does it have?    

Jaguar XF Sportbrake has 19 X 8 inch Aluminum Front Wheels and 19 X 8 inch Aluminum Rear Wheels.

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