Dodge Grand Caravan Reliability

The Dodge is part of Fiat Chrysler, which has great experience in making minivans. The Grand Caravan was also made by Chrysler for Dodge, and it is a pretty good minivan. The quality is good, and it can be used both as a family car or as a passenger van.


The Grand Caravan minivan was in production since 1984, and it was discontinued in 2020. The van came in three trim levels with a range of engines from 2.8 L to the biggest 4.0 L. The van is great in terms of features and it is also not underpowered.


Reliability is often a downside for minivans because of the high frequency of getting repairs. Dodge has been a reliable brand, and it even comes in the top 10 reliable brands in the US. The Grand Caravan has an average reliability score of 2.5 out of 5.0 by J.D Power, and 4.0 out of 5.0 by RepairPal.


Safety has been great in Dodge cars, and the Grand Caravan also has a great safety score of 4 out of 5 stars by NHTSA. The car has great scores in its crash tests, and it has many other safety features like standard airbags, ABS, electronic stability, and many other available safety features.

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Depreciation rate

Usually, Dodge cars hold their value and have a lower depreciation rate than many other brands. The Grand Caravan also has a lower than many depreciation rates of 55% after 5 years. This is not the best, but still better than many.

Maintenance and repairing 

The Grand Caravan has been discontinued by Dodge, so maintenance cost also depends on the condition of the car you are going to buy. Usually, the Grand Caravans require around $673 yearly for all of their maintenance and repairs.


Is Dodge Grand Caravan a Front-Wheel-Drive, Rear-Wheel-Drive or All-Wheel-Drive car?    

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a Front Wheel Drive car.    

How many seats are in the Dodge Grand Caravan?    

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a car with 7 seats. The EPA Classification for this car is: Minivans 2WD  

What is the horsepower in a Dodge Grand Caravan and does it have a turbo?    

The Dodge Grand Caravan has 283 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. The engine is a Regular Unleaded V-6 with a displacement of 3.6 L The fuel system is: Sequential MPI.    

How much ground clearance does the Dodge Grand Caravan have?    

5.6 inches ( 14,22 cm )    

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What type of wheels does it have?    

Dodge Grand Caravan has 17 X 6.5 inch Aluminum Front Wheels and 17 X 6.5 inch Aluminum Rear Wheels.

How many miles will a Dodge Grand Caravan last?

The Dodge Grand Caravan, a sturdy minivan, can average last between 200,000 to 250,000 miles. They can last 13-17 years depending on how they drive and how well they are maintained. This is based on 15,000 miles per year.

Do Dodge Grand Caravans have transmission problems?

Transmission problems have been reported in Dodge Caravans at 67,000 miles. If you’re looking for a low-cost Dodge Grand Caravan, the 2002-2008 years may not be the best. Transmission issues are a hallmark of the Dodge Grand Caravan 2013.

Why are Dodge Caravans so bad?

The Grand Caravan was first introduced in 2008 with the most recent updates. Drivers voice a variety of complaints. Brake wear, engine failure, engine stalling, transmission failure and faulting air conditioning are some of the most common complaints.

What year Dodge Caravans to avoid?

The Dodge Grand Caravan 2011 is the worst model year. This is mainly because the van has 50,000 to 60,000 miles, not the higher mileage model. However, even though the 2008 and 2005 models aren’t great examples of reliable vehicles, they are still good choices.

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