Chevrolet Equinox Reliability

Chevrolet is one of the best choices in budget cars because of its good reliability scores and low prices. The Equinox is a compact crossover SUV, very much like the Chevrolet Blazer. The Equinox has many attractive features, and this also comes with an AWD system.


The Equinox is made for extra space for luggage and passengers, and it can also be used for low-level off-roading experiences because of the AWD system present in the car. There are four trim levels present of the car with a 1.5 L turbocharged engine. It also has many features like a great connectivity infotainment system and many other safety features.


Chevys are known to last many years and their drive quality is also pretty enjoyable. The Equinox is also a reliable SUV with many great features. In terms of reliability score, the Equinox scored 85 out of 100 in its predicted reliability score by J.D Power, which is a great score. The car also doesn’t have any major issues to be worried off.


Safety is a big concern for buyers, and Chevrolet is known for its good safety measurements. SUVs are known to be safer than sedans, but they have an issue with rollovers. The Equinox has a 5-star rating for its crash safety and other safety features by the NHTSA. It has all of the necessary driver’s assist features and other crash safety features.

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Depreciation rate

Chevys don’t lose much of its value as compared to other luxury brands because of its high demand. The Equinox performs satisfactorily in contrast to other SUVs in this category. It loses around 30% of its value just after one year, and 50% of the value after 5 years.

Maintenance and repairing

Low- Maintenance is one of the biggest plus points of Chevys. These cars are not the most complex to repair themselves, and any local repair shop can help you cheaply. However, with a warranty, you don’t have to worry about many things. After the warranty expires, the car would cost you just more than $600.


Is Chevrolet Equinox a Front-Wheel-Drive, Rear-Wheel-Drive or All-Wheel-Drive car?    

The Chevrolet Equinox is a All Wheel Drive car.    

How many seats are in the Chevrolet Equinox?    

The Chevrolet Equinox is a car with 5 seats. The EPA Classification for this car is: 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle    

What is the horsepower in a Chevrolet Equinox and does it have a turbo?    

The Chevrolet Equinox has 170 horsepower and 203 lb-ft of torque. The engine is a Turbocharged Gas I4 with a displacement of 1.5L/ The fuel system is: Direct Injection.    

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 How much ground clearance does the Chevrolet Equinox have?    

7.9 inches ( 20,07 cm )    

What type of wheels does it have?    

Chevrolet Equinox has 17 x -TBD- inch Aluminum Front Wheels and 17 x -TBD- inch Aluminum Rear Wheels.

Does Chevy Equinox have a lot of problems?

The Equinox was very popular but it also had some reliability problems. According to the NHTSA, there was an average of more than 550 complaints per model-year.

Does Chevy Equinox last long?

The short answer to the question of how long Chevrolet Equinox will last is: Chevrolet Equinox models are reported to last between 150,000 and 200,000 miles with regular servicing. A Chevrolet Equinox can last between 10 and 13 years based on the average annual mileage (15,000 miles).

What is bad about Chevy Equinox?

Particular Equinox models from 2010 to 2017 are top-of-the-line for those who want to avoid high gas consumption, lack modern features, and poor safety features. Particularly, models with a 2.4L engine are less fuel-efficient than their competitors and have a higher replacement cost.

Is Chevy Equinox a bad car?

The first-generation Chevrolet Equinox is a poor SUV. The interior is made of poor materials and has a spacious rear seat. The 3.5-liter, old-tech 185-hp V6 is a poor choice for fuel economy and lacks refinement.

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Which is better Honda CR V or Chevy Equinox?

The CR-V benefits include more headroom and legroom in the front, as well as higher resale values. Prices at higher trim levels are lower. Equinox Benefits – Slightly higher fuel economy, higher tow rating with an optional turbo, optional sub-floor for extra storage; driver assistance features on all trims.

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